The load carrier Vario-Load-Rescue was designed in the first step for the THW’s rescue group and is therefore ideally suited for this organization. Nevertheless, the load carrier can also be relevant for other areas if similar or even the same materials have to be transported. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss together whether the load carrier is suitable for you.

The Vario-Load-Rescue load carrier contains the prescribed materials from scaffolding kits 2 to 5 of the THW’s scaffolding system, the associated supplementary kits and the floor and tie rod removal kits from the salvage specialist group. In addition, other operational materials have been added, which have proven to be extremely useful in the field. The quantities to be carried along were determined for all input materials by means of statistical evaluations. 

We are currently working on a brochure for you, in which a detailed list of all recommended insert materials and their number is given.  We will also show you the added value our configuration has for you.

In principle, you can deviate from the recommended configuration, which means that you can adapt the load carrier according to your requirements and wishes. We would be happy to make you an individual offer. If you have any questions, simply write to us at info(at) or call us on +49 6233 2209593.

Subsequent adjustment of the load carrier is possible at any time, as it is made up of modules and adjustable units. This allows you to react flexibly to changes of any kind. Depending on the extent of the adjustment, you can carry out the adjustment yourself or we can advise you and find a solution together.

The load carrier is suitable for trailers with internal dimensions of approximately the following dimensions: 7300 mm x 2480 mm x 2390 mm (L x W x H). The weight of the load carrier together with the recommended insert material is around 10 tons. If your dimensions or other specifications deviate significantly from these guide values, please contact us and we will find a solution together.

So that we can configure the load carrier for you, we need data about your trailer and the materials that you want to load. If your trailer is already stored in our system, no further information is required. If this is not the case, we need specific dimensions and specifications of the trailer from you. When it comes to insert materials, you can choose our recommended or your individual configuration. For both the trailer and the materials used, we will send you a fillable form in which you can simply enter the required information.