Vario Load Rescue

The load carrier for civil and disaster protection

inventied has developed a modular and flexible load carrier Vario-Load-Rescue for rescue and disaster relief organizations, which can be used in various trailer and container types. The Vario-Load increases work safety, time efficiency and ergonomics for those involved in the operation. It can be optimally used , among others, by theTHW recovery specialist group and for Search & Rescue operations .

The load carrier Vario-Load-Rescue is now available for you.

The only load carrier for salvage tasks with TÜV certificate

Tested safety on roads and seagoing vessels for worldwide use

Brochure: Vario Load Rescue

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Vario Load Rescue
Vario-Load-Rescue at night
Vario Load Rescue with lighting package

Preconfigured and mission-optimized loading for rescue tasks

operational tactics

  • Rapid disengagement due to the elimination of set-up times. The material is already loaded ready for transport.
  • Can be used immediately on site. The components are unloaded and used independently without additional industrial trucks.
  • The stock of resources can be easily surveyed thanks to compartment sorting. Over- or under-coverage can be quickly identified and remedied.
  • Shorter deployment times – less loss of earnings
  • Can be operated with fewer forces

› Scaffolding system, kit 2 Part number: 5440T22602
› Scaffolding system, kit 3 Part number: 5440T22703
› Scaffolding system, kit 4 Part number: 5440T22804
› Scaffolding system, kit 5 Item number: 5440T00053
› EGS equipment set part number: 5180T00142
› Scaffolding system, scaffolding timber item number: 5510T22900
› Scaffolding system, tarpaulin part number: 8340T91289
› Spindle supports I, part number: 5440T00012
› Ground anchor, part number: 5440T00057› Anchor rod, kit part number: 5440T22900
› Optionally additionally loadable:
-› Scaffolding timber 10 x 10 cm, length 50, 70, 120 cm
-› Squared timber 10 x 10 cm, length 5 m
-› Building supports
-› Construction foils
-› Additional nails, screws, wooden wedges
› Optionally adaptable to local conditions

Technical specifications




Weight of the input materials

Weight of the carrier

Certifications by TÜV SÜD

7300 mm

2480 mm

2440 mm

7,5 t

2,3 t

  • Load securing according to §§ 22 and 23 StVO, §§ 30 and 31 StVZO
  • DIN EN 12195-1 and VDI Guideline 2700 ff
  • Driving cycle test according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL Annex B

Exemplary total weight with swap body and carriage: 15.2 t. Specifications vary depending on the configuration.

your benefits

with the Vario Load Rescue


  • Certification according to §22 StVO, VDI 2700 ff by TÜV Süd
  • Reduced risk of injury through optimized loading area
  • Intuitive and quick load securing with fixed locks
  • Safe operability as well as loading and unloading guaranteed


  • Higher utilization of the loading volume. In one trip, about 30% more material transported compared to loose or individually carried out loading. This significantly reduces the fuel requirement of the motorized units
  • The complete production and assembly takes place in Germany
  • The modular design enables resource-saving handling in the event of damage and future changes in loading
  • Low maintenance costs compared to a motorized complete vehicle

Quality and Reliability

  • High longevity through hard-wearing corrosion-protected materials
  • Successfully tested for continuous loading
  • The design is tried and tested The result of an extensive study on Added value through load carrier systems


  • Compliance with ergonomic requirements according to DIN 33411 & DIN 33402
  • All materials used are easily accessible
  • Ensuring accessibility through wide, extendable stairs

From design to reality: Vario-Load-Rescue


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