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The load carrier for civil and disaster protection

inventied has developed a modular and flexible load carrier Vario-Load-Rescue for rescue and civil protection organizations that can be used in various types of trailers. The Vario-Load-Rescue increases work safety, time efficiency and ergonomics for those involved in the operation. The trailer is ideally equipped for rescue and recovery tasks and is already in use in the THW’s recovery specialist group.


The load carrier Vario-Load-Rescue is now available for you.

Brochure: Vario-Load-Rescue

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Vario-Load-Rescue mit Beleuchtungspaket
Vario-Load-Rescue with lighting package

Preconfigured and mission-optimized load for rescue tasks

Deployment tactics

  • Fast deployment due to no need for preparation times. The material is already loaded ready for transport.
  • Immediately ready for use on site. The components can be unloaded and used independently without the need for additional forklifts.
  • The stock of resources can be easily monitored thanks to compartment sorting. Surplus or shortages can be quickly identified and eliminated.
  • Shorter deployment times – less loss of earnings
  • Can be operated with fewer task forces

The carrier contains all equipment necessary for building a operational scaffolding system, usable for diffrent special constuctions. The Vario-Load-Rescue contains more than 1,400 parts ofequipment.

› Scaffolding system (1400 parts) 
› Folding timber and tarpulin, Spindle props
› Ground anchor system
› Several tie rod kits
› Optionally additionally loadable:
-› Scaffolding timber 10 x 10 cm, length 50, 70, 120 cm
-› Squared timber 10 x 10 cm, length 5 m
-› Building and trench supports
-› Tarpulins. roof battens, shuttering boards
-› Tools, nails, screws, wooden wedges
› Optionally adaptable to local conditions

Technical specifications




Weight of the equipment

Weight of the carrier

Certifications by TÜV SÜD


7300 mm

2480 mm

2440 mm

7,5 tons

2,3 tons

  • Load securing according to §§ 22 and 23 StVO, §§ 30 and 31 StVZO
  • DIN EN 12195-1 and VDI-Guideline 2700 ff
  • Driving cycle test according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL attachment B

Exemplary total weight with swap body and carriage: 15.2 t. Specifications vary depending on the configuration.

Your benefits

with the Vario-Load-Rescue


  • Certification according to §22 StVO, VDI 2700 ff by TÜV Süd
  • Reduced risk of injury through optimized loading area
  • Intuitive and quick load securing with fixed locks
  • Safe operability as well as loading and unloading guaranteed


  • Higher utilization of the loading volume. Approx. 30% more material is transported in one trip compared to loose or individually executed loading. This significantly reduces the fuel consumption of the motorized units.
  • The complete production and assembly takes place in Germany
  • The modular design enables resource-saving handling in the event of damage and future changes in loading
  • Low maintenance costs compared to a motorized complete vehicle

Quality and Reliability

  • High longevity through hard-wearing corrosion-protected materials
  • Successfully tested for long-term durability
  • The design is field-tested and the result of an extensive study on the added value of load carrier systems in use


  • Compliance with ergonomic requirements according to DIN 33411 & DIN 33402
  • All materials used are easily accessible
  • Ensuring accessibility through wide, extendable stairs

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