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Natural events or incidents such as power failures usually occur unexpectedly. Then the usual comforts of modern life no longer work. For example, no electrical device can be put into operation in today’s kitchen without electricity. In addition, there is no water if there are no operational water towers available because the pumps in the waterworks are no longer working.

The consequences of climate change and changes in infrastructure mean that catastrophic events will occur with increasing frequency and on a larger scale. For this reason, use the inventied emergency box to be better prepared for emergencies.
With the help of the portable and lockable box, you can create an individual emergency supply of food. In combination with the configured content of in inventied, you can live independently without electricity for several days if necessary. Ideally, you should supplement the emergency box with useful products based on your needs. If you have to leave the apartment, simply take the emergency box with you.

The groceries in the product photo are for example only and are not included in the box. You put the content together according to your ideas. We recommend foods such as canned products that have a long shelf life and enable a balanced diet. In addition, you should have a water ration available, which you keep with the crate. The reusable glass bottle crates are suitable for this due to the longer possible storage time. Alternatively, disposable and reusable plastic bottles can be used. You should check the shelf life of food and water supplies at regular intervals and replace the products with new products if necessary. Ideally, you do this far enough in advance so that you can still use the products in your everyday life before the expiry date and avoid food waste.

In any case, the emergency box from inventied is a practical assistant to be better prepared for the unprepared.


Box size: Small / Large


1x crank radio
1x water filter bottle
1x dressing material
1x USB card (8GB)
1x camping stove
3x Gas cartridge 190g
2x ballpoint pen
1x Block A5
1x matches

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